Assaults are more common when it gets dark earlier.


This is our current TV commercial that runs on Univision and Telemundo in Georgia. We try to raise awareness that in these days of Autumn and Winter the days are shorter and assaults for theft, rape or hate are more common.

The Hispanic community has been easy prey for these criminals since they know that in many cases Hispanics carry cash and sometimes do not report these criminal acts to the police. Some apartment complexes prefer to ignore this phenomenon and do not hire private security, nor do they make an effort to make their properties more secure.

In our office we have been pioneers helping the victims of these assaults. In many cases these aggressions could have been avoided if the administrations of these apartments offered the appropriate security in their properties.

Attorney Tony DelCampo has a vast court experience and an excellent compensation record for victims who experience accidents due to the negligence of others.

If you or someone you love has been the victim of an assault assault in an apartment complex call us for a free consultation at (770) 404-8239 

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