Fighting Notary Fraud in Georgia’s Latino Community: A Univisión Insight

Fighting Notary Fraud in Georgia’s Latino Community

Our Latin community in Georgia has been the victim of countless frauds and thefts by individuals posing as public notaries, promising to assist our Latino brothers and immigrants with their legal cases.

In many of our countries, public notaries must be lawyers and possess a high degree of respectability to practice. For this reason, our Hispanic brothers often believe that notaries here are also lawyers and can offer them legal assistance.

In this video, you can watch the live interview that Andrés Quiñones conducted with lawyer Tony DelCampo for Univisión Atlanta Channel 34. The interview aims to educate our community about the difference between a lawyer, a paralegal, and a notary.

At DelCampo Grayson López, we have worked for years with organizations such as the Gwinnett County Police, the Mexican Consulate General in Atlanta, and other community leaders to combat this serious phenomenon that only worsens the situation of our immigrant people in the state.

We thank Univisión Atlanta Channel 34 for having us and for helping our community.