Tony DelCampo In A Radio Interview at La Invasora 87.7 FM


Last Wednesday, April 24, Attorney Tony DelCampo was answering questions from La Invasora 87.7 FM audience and talking about the growing phenomenon of assaults in apartment complexes.

It was a pleasure to help answer questions from the audience of the Invasora 87.7 FM

Sometimes the damages suffered by victims in this type of case are not only economic, but physical and emotional. Many victims of these kind of assaults can never fully recover.

If you have suffered an Assault in an Apartment Complex do not hesitate to report it immediately to the police, report it to the same administration of the apartment complex where the incident was, and call us for a free consultation at (770) 404-8239.

In this interview with Yogi Tony I answer questions like:

After an assault how long does the victim have to file a civil suit against the apartments?

The answer is 2 years after the assault.

An undocumented person who has been assaulted for robbery, rape, or racial hatred could sue the company responsible for the property?

The answer is Yes. If you have been a victim of one of these crimes, you may receive financial compensation.

Could Victims of assaults in apartment complexes obtain a U Visa?

It is possible.

If you need more information do not hesitate to call attorney Tony DelCampo’s offices.

(770) 404-8239

Attorney Tony DelCampo has vast court experience and an excellent compensation record for victims who experience accidents due to the negligence of others.

Tony was recently elected to serve on the Executive Committee of the Georgia Bar Association.