Tony DelCampo on “Al Punto” with Jorge Ramos

Tony DelCampo on "Al Punto" with Jorge Ramos

A Legal Analysis of Affirmative Action and Its Impact on the Latino Community

Recently, Tony DelCampo, a distinguished attorney from DGL Attorneys At Law,  was invited to the prestigious Univision Network program “Al Punto,” hosted by Jorge Ramos, one of the most influential Latino journalists in the United States and Latin America. “Al Punto” is a forum where relevant social issues are discussed, especially those affecting the Latino community in the United States.

The Supreme Court’s Decision and Its Impact

The conversation focused on the recent United States Supreme Court decision on affirmative action, a matter of great importance for Latin Americans. Tony DelCampo shared his legal perspective on the topic, pragmatically analyzing the implications of this ruling.

The Post-Trump Effect on American Justice

The talk on “Al Punto” reflected how the Trump administration and his appointment of three conservative judges to the Supreme Court have impacted the current legal landscape. These changes are essential to understand the context in which judicial decisions are made, especially those directly affecting the Latino community.


At DelCampo . Grayson . Lopez, we are immensely proud of Tony DelCampo’s participation in “Al Punto”. Being considered experts on such a significant news and debate program is a reflection of our commitment and deep understanding of the laws affecting our community.


In the United States, the decisions of the Supreme Court carry considerable weight in shaping the legal framework and can set precedents that function almost as laws. When Supreme Court justices interpret the Constitution or review the legality of existing laws and policies, their rulings not only resolve specific cases but can also establish norms that all courts in the country must follow. This means that their decisions can have a profound and lasting impact on society, shaping key aspects of daily life and citizens’ rights. Therefore, understanding how judges arrive at these decisions is crucial for comprehending the legal and political system of the United States and its effect on people’s lives.