23 Million Compensation in Product Liability case

23 Million Compensation in Product Liability case

Our law firm, DelCampo . Grayson . López, obtained a compensation of $23 million in a case of product liability due to a defective product, following a tragic accident that claimed the lives of four Hispanic workers on their way to work.

The workers died when an SUV crossed uncontrollably into their lane due to the explosion of one of the tires. Initially, we held construction signs and detours responsible. However, a valuable investigation revealed that the true cause of the accident was the tire explosion.

Our law firm hired investigators, and we discovered that on the day the tire was manufactured, the factory experienced a significant amount of moisture, which adversely affected its production.

“This case is an unfortunate reminder of the importance of safety and the responsibility of manufacturers,” said attorney Tony DelCampo. “We are deeply moved by the loss of these lives and hope that this compensation offers some degree of comfort to the affected families.”

This significant compensation will support the four families who were left without the support of their parents, providing them with a certain level of financial stability during this incredibly difficult time.

At DelCampo . Grayson . López, we have always demonstrated a strong commitment to justice and the defense of victims of third-party negligence.