Historic Verdict of $31,000,000 in Assault Death Case

Historic Verdict of $31,000,000 in Assault Death Case

The legal team at DelCampo . Grayson . López has once again showcased their dedication and commitment by securing a historic compensation of $31,000,000 for the family of Israel Ramirez. Thanks to the united efforts of our attorneys, a Clayton County jury found Avalon Mobile Homes Park accountable for the death of Ramirez. This verdict stemmed from the park’s negligence in not ensuring the safety of their property, despite being aware of ongoing criminal activities over the years.

In the attached video, Andres Quiñones from Univision Atlanta Channel 34 interviews Dax López of DGL Attorneys At Law, who provides crucial insights into the case and the verdict.

It’s paramount for victims and the broader community to feel confident in reporting any criminal activities to the authorities. Reporting not only protects current victims but also ensures that our safety receives the necessary attention in preventing future incidents.

Have You Been a Victim of a Crime on Commercial Properties?

Individuals who’ve sustained personal injuries due to assaults, thefts, assaults, hate crimes in apartment complexes, gas stations, or shopping malls might be entitled to compensation. Additionally, certain theft victims may qualify for government assistance.

For Victims Without Legal Status in the U.S

If you’re in the U.S without legal status and have been a crime victim, you might be eligible for a U visa, designed to safeguard victims of crimes willing to assist in the investigation or prosecution of the crime.

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